“Users are largely unaware of the privacy implications of some permissions they grant to apps and services, in particular when it comes to location-tracking information”
These are not my words.

They are from Professor Mirco Musolesi of the University of Bologna in Italy.

More and more information is extracted by smartphones.

Thanks to machine learning techniques, sensitive data – such as where users live, their habits, interests, demographic data, and information about the users’ personality – surf freely through the net.

Is this what you really want for your security? I imagine not. And that is why we increasingly need to be more jealous of the security of our devices.

A little-regarded solution is applications that monitor the trustworthiness of the information that travels on your device.

One example is MyPermissions Privacy Cleaner, which tells you which applications pose a threat to your privacy.

Some of the permissions that apps require, that we sometimes blindly accept, include “Modify your contacts” etc. Be careful when downloading apps, but also remember to scan to make sure you are 100% safe.